CICLICA for Moleskine, in partnership with Ventura Lambrate, set up a Documentation Centre for design innovation at what has become one of the most prominent and innovative design districts at Milan Design Week 2015. With the Moleskine smart notebook, Creative Cloud connected in hand, a group of young design reporters roam the once-industrial warehouses and streets to sketch and document its design objects, materials and technological solutions as well as its installations, crowd and spaces.

The Documentation Centre resembles a sort of wunderkammer or Cabinet of Curiosities within the former industrial space. Just like in a library, visitors can browse the materials encased in the metal structure and take their own notes while observing the creative process in action.

CICLICA: Project Management / Exhibit & Graphic Design / Event Production
Partners: Adobe™, Officine Tamborrino



  • Moleskine@VL1
  • Moleskine@VL6
  • Moleskine@VL4
  • Moleskine@VL5
  • Moleskine@VL7
  • ML3

Photo Credits: @fanfa.s