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Slow Travel Fest

Celebrating slow travel on foot and by bicycle.
Enjoy talks, art, music and excursions along the Via Francigena.

Over the last three years, the Festival della Viandanza has become the go-to event for slow travel enthusiasts. Building on this experience, the 2015 festival has been reincarnated as the Slow Travel Fest, an event celebrating the culture of slow travel on foot and by bicycle. With a new name comes also a series of new events that build upon the festival’s already solid cultural and artistic base.

Slow Travel Fest will include excursions around the fascinating region surrounding the Via Francigena, as well as opportunities for national and international tour operators from the slow travel sector to get together, exchange ideas and promote their work.

Slow Travel Fest is organised by CICLICA and Il Movimento Lento, in collaboration with the Tuscan Regional Council, Toscana Promozione and Monteriggioni Town Council.
Main festival partners are SloWays, Touring Club Italiano and the Associazione Europea delle Vie Francigena.

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Video Production by CICLICA > Video by SINTESI 19 - Andrea Mantignani / Dario Busini > Music by CAMILLOCROMO


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Foto by FotoSintesi lab